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Remap your BMW at our local Leyton garage with one of our custom ECU remaps which will improve both torque and BHP gains, this will give you improved power, response, and performance. The maps we install are tailored specifically for your BMW and developed to maximize gains and minimize the risk of component failure. Tuning your BMW ECU will release your engines maximum capability  

Gearbox Flash Upgrade


For Apple car play activation your vehicle needs to be manufactured September 2016 or newer with Evo ID5 or ID6 Professional widescreen navigation

Benefits of Apple CarPlay at a glance:

  • Lets you use iPhone apps on your BMW’s iDrive screen.
  • Connects your iPhone wirelessly to the BMW iDrive system.
  • Utilities your vehicles factory installed microphone for Siri’s voice commands.
  • Full digital audio playback through the BMW stereo system.
  • Use of Google Maps or Waze on your vehicle’s display.
  • Before we start, your vehicle needs to be manufactured September 2016 or newer with Evo ID5 or ID6 a Professional widescreen navigation

Let us make your car a few years newer by getting rid of those yellow halogen bulbs and fitting you with some white LED. Book in for your full headlight LED conversion for the new car look.

The road network changes around 15% every year. Please be sure to update your map data regularly to benefit from the best route guidance at all times.  Get the most up to date maps with all the latest road closures and new roads from us

Get your vehicle full service or part service done with us at London BMW Coding Specialists. We can supply parts for you or you can get your own parts. We use only genuine parts. Each car service is carried out by qualified mechanics and technicians using the latest equipment. Service will be added and updated on your BMW Idrive service history and Your service booklet can be stamped also. Service will take place only at our office in East London Leyton

BMW diagnostic work can be time consuming sometimes and pricy. This is why it is best to use a specialist to ensure a cost effective solution to your vehicle faults.

  • Diagnosing the right fault and changing the right part first time round.
  • Unparalleled experience and knowledge to help you reduce your repair costs.
  • We can code any available options on your BMW so you can add your own personal touch.
  • Mobile service for your convenience (at an extra cost)

We use professional diagnostic system equipment to diagnose faults and run resets/fixes.

Get that sport or luxury finish to your vehicle by getting your Brake Calipers/ Brake hubs painted. Choose your colour, book your car in with us and let us do all the work for you. ( red, blue, green, yellow, silver)


Enhance your BMW vehicle by activating features and functions that are not enabled at the factory when the car is built. We can code features such as:

  • Acoustic lock/unlock
  • Angel eyes brightness
  • Real DRL activated
  • Digital speedometer
  • Seatbelt beep disabled
  • Video in motion
  • Folded wing mirrors with one click
  • Heated seats temrepertrue increaed
  • Tire pressure AND Tempreture
  • MPerformance start up logo
  • Sports display
  • Door handle LED activated in reverse.
  • Plus many more features

We supply high quality 3D gel and 4D laser-cut number plates.

  • 3D plate–  The classic 3D Gel plates, simple but so effective..

Our 3D Gel plates give off a stunning premium appearance by providing your plates with a deep glossy finish.


  • 4D plate– Our most popular style, the 4D laser cut plates..

These give your plates a sharp, elegant appearance. Our 4D letters are laser cut by us, using only the best quality acrylic sheets and 3M backing.


  • 3D/4D gel colour backing- Our newest release, coloured backing letters topped with either Gel or Laser characters.