X6 F16 6WB Digital Instrumental Cluster VIRGINIZED

X6 F16 6WB Digital Instrumental Cluster VIRGINIZED

Brand New Virginzed 6WB Digital Instrumental Cluster for BMW X6 F16

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BMW X3 F25 X4 F26 X5 F15 X6 F16 
Plug and Play so just has to be plugged and coded in by BMW Specialist.

Three different modes and their specific features, each color and graphically adapted, can be represented in the instrument cluster: ECO PRO, COMFORT and SPORT. Compared to the COMFORT mode, which largely corresponds to the usual appearance, blue shades dominate in the ECO PRO mode, with the new EfficientDynamics and bonus range indicators supporting the driver in the most efficient driving style possible. In SPORT mode, on the other hand, recognizable by the design with red shades, the performance indicator is added.

In addition, the Multifunctional Instrument Display enables the display of navigation information including hints of the Look-Ahead Wizard and list displays for entertainment and phone features.

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